Inspired to Innovate

DELOPT focuses on the design, development and production of Embedded Systems and Electro-optics Systems for Military and Civilian applications. 

Our offerings for defense includes Avionics displays, On Board Computers, ATE’s, High Speed data acquisition system, Thermal Imagers, Target trackers etc.

For Civilian applications, we provide Footfall Counting System for Retail Intelligence System, Security Surveillance System, Traffic Management etc.

People Counting - Delopt

The Robo360 IR People counter is a high accuracy counter that can be integrated with P.O.S Systems and offers retail stake-holder an unsurpassed level of monitoring and analysis via the Retail Trendz software platform.

  • RovoVision Thermal Counter

DELOPT offers Other Retail Solutions like:

  • Queue Management
  • Tailgating Application
  • Occupancy Application

RoboVision 3D Demonstration

  • Robovision3D provides highly accurate people counts through the use of 3D vision technology.
  • It serves demanding customer segments such as – emergency evacuation, high density counting environments, single entrance/exit retail chain stores, queue management and transport vehicles.
  • The solution comprises a counting unit and a sensor.
  • Software is completely web based.
  • Local, Enterprise and Cloud Hosted reports options are available.
  • Hundreds of user configurable reports are available.
  • The counting device is remotely configurable. Features High accuracy counting, 3D Vision Technology, Embedded box pre-installed with iSecure Human Traffic Analysis Suite.

ATM Security & Bank Security Solutions by DELOPT

  • DELOPT has developed a fully unmanned security solution for ATMs and Banks.
  • The system developed based on 3D sensors, a proprietary technology product of DELOPT can generate instantaneous alerts on occurrence of various types of abnormal events including attempts to sabotage of camera, sabotage of ATM etc.
  • Abnormal events are recorded and email as well as SMS alerts sent to concerned persons in real time in addition to beeper at ATM and control centre.
  • The security solution not only obviates the need of security personnel at the ATMs but also prevents occurrence of abnormal events before they happen.