Construct your dreams

Makeblock is a world leading DIY Robotics construction platform, with a vision to construct your dream. By providing mechanical parts, easy-to-use electronic modules, and graphical programing solution which enable everyone to become a maker, Makeblock inspires a new Maker Movement throughout the world!

About Makeblock

Mechanical Blocks:

  • Well compatible aluminum extrusion
  • Infinite Extensibility 

Electronic Blocks:

  • Easy to understand and wire
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible

Software Blocks:

  • Graphical programming software
  • Support Various Programming Languages

Makeblock has an extensive product range that includes:

Makeblock mBot:

Entry-level educational robot kit

Makeblock mBot Ranger:

3 in 1 educational robot kit

Makeblock mBot Ultimate 2.0:

10 in 1 robot kit

Makeblock Airblock:

Modular and programmable flying robot 

Makeblock Neuron:

Programmable electronic building block platform

Makeblock Codey Rocky:

Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning