Unified visibility for an Enterprise IT

Business assurance now simplified with unified insight into your IT infrastructure

Solve Your IT Infrastructure Use Cases Like Never Before.

Gain Unified Visibility Across Network, Application, Infrastructure, Cyber Security Issues In One Solution

ThoughtData’s unique platform based approach to extract rich metadata from packets, logs, flows, agents etc. lets you choose the best data sets for your environment for different use cases. Our automated orchestration instruments your network with ease across on-premise, hybrid and multi cloud environments. Our highly scalable and distributed data platform architecture helps you integrate these key data sets into your big data platforms, where you can build your own applications to solve 100’s of use cases customized to your local IT environment.

Enterprise360 - ThoughtData

ThoughtData’s Enterprise360 provides unified visibility across Network, Application, Infrastructure and Enterprise Cyber Threats and helps you run your business 24×7 seamless, Proactively gain quick insights into potential problems and bottlenecks with your IT infrastructure before it starts impacting your business and customers

Reduce tool clutter, alert fatigue, cost and average MTTR(mean time to respond) to critical IT Incidents with ThoughtData’s unique unified visibility approach

ThoughtData offers Other Product Solutions like:

  • ThoughtNetSense
  • ThoughtInfraSense
  • ThoughtSense

Highlights of our Data Sensors

  • Our data sensors are available for all types of deployments in your network from traditional on premise to cloud based networks

  • They are built to scale for modern day networks

  • Our automated orchestration eases your burden and instruments key areas of your network and assets via auto discovery across on-premise, private, public cloud deployments

  • You can choose to deploy packet + log + netflow sensors in crucial areas to gain full visibility into your entire enterprise IT infrastructure

  • Meta data collected from our sensors can solve 100’s of IT use cases across network, application, infrastructure and enterprise cyber security