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Integrated Network Solutions

Traditionally Ethernet Cabling Infrastructure popularly known as enterprise LAN cabling supports only voice and data, building blocks of LAN cabling are copper, fiber and cabinets.

Other building systems and controls like HVAC/device controller, fire alarm, access control, lighting, security camera, Wifi technology & hot spots, BMS, people counting, time & attendance, public address, interactive AV, IP convergence, TV services etc  run over separate proprietary infrastructure .  

Integrated Network Solutions run all the controls & systems of a property or estate over single infrastructure of Ethernet cabling. By doing so clients enjoy centralised control over all systems and proactive monitoring to avoid down time.

Intelligence of the entire building controls & systems has other advantages like energy saving, more revenue generation possibility etc. Future proof your property or estate with one screen monitor all systems, which means selection of the right cabling brand is so vital since the whole infrastructure of integration runs through it.

EIS IT Africa has the expertise to advise the client to put the right Ethernet cabling infrastructure to run such a complex matrix of systems with maximum bandwidth and low latency. 

Enterprise Copper Solutions

Channel Certification; Component Certification; International 3rd Party Certificate; SITA Approved.

Enterprise Fibre Solutions

International 3rd Party Certificate; SITA Approved; 25 year system warranty for end to end solution.

Enterprise Network Cabinets

Complies with international standards; Customization at mass volume prices.