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Delopt’s philosophy is to offer high quality, user friendly technology at affordability of customers to fit to any challenging site requirements.

Delopt provides the features of retail industry’s requirements;


  1. Height exclude feature: Provides separate counts for adults & kids.
  2. Group count: Customers coming in groups can be accounted as purchasing units thus bringing high accuracy for conversions.
  3. No ambient light required for counting: Counts in low/no light. Not affected by shadows unlike camera based tech.
  4. Remote Management of devices: Delopt’s devices can be remotely managed during/post installation to the requirements of the client.
  5. Auto E- Mail Alerts: Our enterprise s/w DELBI can provide auto e mail alerts whenever a devise is disconnected from network for a set time period. These alerts helps in timely management of devices.
  6. Third party integrations: Count data form DELOPT’s Sensors can be integrated with ERP, IoT, BI and other data processing applications for customer’s reporting needs.
  7. Local Representation & support: We offer the local attention & support of a global manufacturer.
  8. Several other support features

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