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We empower you with the most beneficial ICT solutions to grow your business

EIS IT Africa is a value-added distributor, offering structured cabling  in Integrated Network, Data Centre, FTTx, Robotics for STEM Education, Trolley for Schools, Industrial Automation Ethernet & IOT Deployment, Remote Monitoring Through IoT, People Counting for Retail and Enterprise IT Monitoring.

EIS IT Africa is committed to empowering the people and economy of Africa, we are proud to be a B-BBEE Level One contributor with woman ownership.

Value Added Distribution

  • EIS IT Africa offers products complaint to International and country specific standards.
  • Industry best practices are encouraged to be incorporated in implementing ICT Projects.
  • Product Quality is maintained through third party certifications.
  • The reason for having a ‘standard’/‘standards’ is to define a method of connecting all types of data and telecommunications equipment over a cabling system that uses common cable types, common connectors and a common topology. Standards are written to define current practices and drive improvement in quality and system performance over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security and audio & video technologies.
  • The major driver behind the standards is the EIA/TIA: Electronics Industry Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association, an industry trade association that creates voluntary interoperability standards for the products made by member companies.

EIS IT Africa will do:
  • Design Specifications and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings
  • Audit of existing data center according to Tier Classification Guidelines.
  • High level design of new data centers as per Tier Classification Guidelines.
  • Audit
  • Design
  • Experience Centre
  • Technology Update Sessions
  • Internal Standards Documents

  • Earn procurement points when you buy from us.

  • EIS IT Africa offers Standard Compliant Products with Competitive Pricing
  • Pricing model are based on Industry Verticals and Channel reseller agreement.

  • EIS IT Africa doesn’t have OPM Syndrome, OPM stands for Other People Money.
  • Our growth is achieved through reinvesting a certain percentage of earnings in innovation.
  • Lasting Earning Power fundamentals are incorporated in our Business to build capacity to receive large volume orders.

  • Unbreakable Patch Cords
    • 100% component tested
    • Made with special material
    • The Cords have interchangeable color clips for easy identification of cables patched
  • Specialized Patch Cords
    • We also have special patch cords that meet high-quality standards to fit various solutions.
      • Angled patch cords
      • Security patch cords
      • Slim patch cords
      • Easy Pull patch cords
      • Easy Plug & Tool
  • Enterprise Network Cabinets
    • Wall-mounted swing frame flat packed option can take 22 – 30kg’s without welding structure, while non-welded flat packed option can only take 5kg’s load
    • Locally manufactured cabinet hinges
    • Cabinets are also customizable
    • 5-year Warranty on cabinets