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We empower you with the most beneficial ICT solutions to grow your business

EIS IT Africa is a value-added distributor, offering structured cabling  in Integrated Network, Data Centre, FTTx, Robotics for STEM Education, Trolley for Schools, Industrial Automation Ethernet & IOT Deployment and People Counting for Retail.

EIS IT Africa is committed to empowering the people and economy of Africa, we are proud to be a B-BBEE Level One contributor with woman ownership.

Value Added Distribution

  • EIS IT Africa offers products complaint to International and country specific standards.
  • Industry best practices are encouraged to be incorporated in implementing ICT Projects.
  • Product Quality is maintained through third party certifications.
  • The reason for having a ‘standard’/‘standards’ is to define a method of connecting all types of data and telecommunications equipment over a cabling system that uses common cable types, common connectors and a common topology. Standards are written to define current practices and drive improvement in quality and system performance over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security and audio & video technologies.
  • The major driver behind the standards is the EIA/TIA: Electronics Industry Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association, an industry trade association that creates voluntary interoperability standards for the products made by member companies.

EIS IT Africa will do:
  • Design Specifications and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings
  • Audit of existing data center according to Tier Classification Guidelines.
  • High level design of new data centers as per Tier Classification Guidelines.
  • Audit
  • Design
  • Experience Centre
  • Technology Update Sessions
  • Internal Standards Documents

  • Earn procurement points when you buy from us.

  • EIS IT Africa offers Standard Compliant Products with Competitive Pricing
  • Pricing model are based on Industry Verticals and Channel reseller agreement.

  • EIS IT Africa doesn’t have OPM Syndrome, OPM stands for Other People Money.
  • Our growth is achieved through reinvesting a certain percentage of earnings in innovation.
  • Lasting Earning Power fundamentals are incorporated in our Business to build capacity to receive large volume orders.

  • Unbreakable Patch Cords
    • 100% component tested
    • Made with special material
    • The Cords have interchangeable color clips for easy identification of cables patched
  • Specialized Patch Cords
    • We also have special patch cords that meet high-quality standards to fit various solutions.
      • Angled patch cords
      • Security patch cords
      • Slim patch cords
      • Easy Pull patch cords
      • Easy Plug & Tool
  • Enterprise Network Cabinets
    • Wall-mounted swing frame flat packed option can take 22 – 30kg’s without welding structure, while non-welded flat packed option can only take 5kg’s load
    • Locally manufactured cabinet hinges
    • Cabinets are also customizable
    • 5-year Warranty on cabinets